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Pay per call networks are among the most effective ways to generate income online. However, a new term has come up in relation to this industry and that is called pay per lead. It is basically a business which offers a platform for pay per call advertising campaigns that are established upon the exchange between an advertiser and a publisher. Basically a pay per call network has a system which allows it to get multiple customer calls, sort these calls and then route them to an appropriate advertiser. These campaigns can be done with varying levels of campaign control and can yield excellent results as long as the leads are of high quality.

Pay Per Call Networks has been in operation for years now and has earned a good reputation among both advertisers and publishers. Publishers who participate in pay per call networks benefit by getting more exposure for their websites and gain a loyal clientele. Advertisers benefit by having access to thousands of unique lead contacts. Pay per lead marketing campaigns do not necessarily have to revolve around face-to-face interactions but can be conducted over the phone as well.

Lead generation through pay per call networks requires an element of personalization. A good Pay per Call Network should allow the publisher to specify various factors such as age, sex, education level etc which is required to be associated with the prospective client. Certain aspects such as locality or religion may not be acceptable and may negatively affect the results. The above mentioned are just some of the few factors which must be taken into consideration while setting up a Pay Per Call Network. Pay per lead campaigns require considerable time to generate traffic. So the time frame required should be short enough to ensure fast results.

Pay per call networks which integrate with other online affiliate advertising platforms are very successful. Integrating with these platforms allows you to link up your affiliate campaigns and provide relevant content to your visitors. You can use the information provided by your affiliates to personalize your web pages and ads. In this way you increase the amount of traffic to your website as well as increase the possibility of sales conversions.

Pay per Call Networks have several advantages and drawbacks. The main advantage is that you don’t need to spend time or money on promoting your business. Pay per call networks are simple to set up and are very affordable. Most Pay Per Call Networks offer unlimited leads, which last for a long time. These leads are generally targeted and have a high probability of generating instant sales.

One of the major disadvantages associated with Pay per Call Networks is the lack of flexibility. Unlike advertising campaigns run by traditional agencies, Pay Per Call Networks only allow you to target specific keywords. There is no possibility of creating custom advertising campaigns. Also, the time required to generate relevant traffic to your site is more than traditional internet marketing methods. As with any new affiliate marketing company, Pay Per Call Networks offers a 7 day free trial to their services.

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